The Goodwill!

At TNT, we not only want to create an amazing festival experience for attendees, we also want to make sure that we have outstretched hands to give back.  Touchdowns and Tunes is excited to partner with an organization such as Beyond Uganda. We look forward to helping them accomplish their mission and further their successes, not only in Paducah but on a global scale.

2019 Outreach Organization

About Beyond Uganda

Our Vision: “That every person is given the tools and opportunity to break the cycle of generational poverty empowering them to become self sustainable in their own lives and contributing member of their community.

We strive to not to be a charity but a partner with each person to give them a “hand up not a hand out”. We do so using solutions that give Hope & Dignity to the Lost & Vulnerable and wrap all we do in the Love of Jesus Christ knowing that as wee meet the immediate physical needs the deeper spiritual needs will be able to be met for the ultimate Hope & Sustainabilty.”